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"You should seriously consider adopting the iEduCentre system.

One of the chokepoints for any education business is not having an effective means of managing their customer database effectively such that it can free up precious man-hours for other more critical aspects of business operations and growth...


Previously we had used school management systems by other service providers but sad to say, their software and service were not very reliable. It was a really frustrating experience - not forgetting to mention a tedious and time-consuming process every time we have to re-adopt a new system.


We wanted a system which is robust yet flexible enough to meet the day-to-day operations of our business. Most importantly, there must be good customer and tech service support. And we are glad to have found Robin and his Team.


We have been using iEduCentre for a few months now and I must say it's a solid system! The automated and accurate fees module really save us lots of work in tracking outstanding fees.


Its student progress report module is also a great module that helps us differentiate our school from others in terms of providing an additional value-added service to our parents. Doing student progress report is now much easier and with just one click we can email the report to parents.


Not forgetting to mention the excellent service from the Aquarius Soft team! They are really a highly experienced team with integrity and professional as their core values. And obviously because we were so pleased with their system and services, we have already referred a few of our business associates who require school management system.


For any serious Business Owners who are in the education, enrichment and fitness industries, and are looking to work on their business (not in their business), you should seriously consider adopting the iEduCentre system."

Edwin Edangelus Cheng (Director)


“Automatic Teacher Pay Generation Module Makes Pay Calculation Easy & Fast!

“We have been using iEduCentre for about 3 years now…very solid school management and very good support and service by the Aquarius Soft team.

The automatic teacher pay generation module makes pay calculation easy and fast. It’s so flexible and takes care of all pay formula that we need. Awesome!

We highly recommend iEduCentre to all tuition and enrichment centres.“

Mr Wee KL (Director)

Olympus Learning Centre

“Easily Churn Out Our Management Reports  Keep Track Of Collection Of School Fees

“One of the main reasons we switch to iEduCentre is because of their powerful, flexible and stable fees and teacher pay generation modules which save us lots of time and effort.

Your service and strong support have also been excellent and prompt. We now use iEduCentre in all our centres.

Your fees module is easy to use and has been a great help to us in generating payment advice automatically and the ability to email payment advice and receipt to parents. We haven’t even utilised all the functions in your system and we believe more will be benefited as we go along. With your system, we are able to easily churn out our management reports  keep track of the teachers’ and students’ the attendance and the collection of school fees.

We highly recommend Aquarius Soft and their iEduCentre school management system to any tuition and enrichment centres. “

Anthony Teo (Operations Manager)

Seeds Learning Group Pte Ltd

“IEduCentre has really help us in our tuition centre’s operation and save us lots of time with their powerful and automated fees generation module. Prior using iEduCentre, we have lots of issue with our previous system. Thank you Aquarius Soft for your great system and service!”

David Neo (Operation Manager)

Newton Learning Lab and Newtonapple Learning Hub

The iEduCentre modules have been useful in generating documents such as billing and teacher/staff pay. Overall, it has helped us to streamline our administrative and operational processes. Aquarius Soft has been prompt in attending to our queries regarding use and troubleshooting.

Elizabeth Yeo (Director)

Creative Campus Learning with Latitude

I found Aquarius Soft to be a highly reliable vendor to us when we embarked on the iEduCentre project. I am pleased with their good customer service and the system has helped us to improve productivity, especially in the area of operations and administration. We are currently planning to expand our operations and they are certainly a partner that we can entrust for more significant projects in the future.

Mr GM Kwang (Director)

Newcastle Education Centre

The iEduCentre is a user-friendly and good system that is so empowering to our business as it allows us to learn and pick up the functions relatively easily without much technical training. We are pleased with how smooth the overall navigation turns out to be like and we now have the process of drafting contracts for teachers greatly shortened. The support service is good and prompt.


Act3 International

“We highly recommend Aquarius Soft team and their iEduCentre school management system to any tuition centre. Not only do they have a great system, their service is excellent…they did not leave us when we encountered difficulties. We have recommended them to our friends’ centres.”

Darrin Tan (Owner)

Knowledge Trail Learning Centre

“The Aquarius Soft team has done a professional and wonderful job in designing and customizing an online video courses system for my centre.

With the automation they implemented, my lessons are now automatically recorded, compressed, properly categorized and uploaded to the video portal, allowing my students to view their lessons at home for revision. This automation really save me lots of time compared to my old process.

With this new system, my video courses are now available for online purchase and subscription! My students can now pay their fees online and can purchase additional topical video lessons.

I highly recommend Aquarius Soft to any tuition and enrichment centre who needs a powerful and yet user friendly system, and who need someone to help develop their own custom systems. The Aquarius Soft team can definitely deliver what they promise!“

Gary Ang (Owner)

Number Skill Learning Centre

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